With a great desire to share the unique qualities of each Asian culture, Arizona  Asian American Association organized and hosted the very first Arizona Asian  Festival in 1994.

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Festival highlights include:

  • Magnificent, authentic ethnic costumes highlighted through music, song and dance  on two stages.

  • Demonstration of traditional martial and folk arts from across Asia

  • Avenue of Cultures offer a hands-on fun and games. Learn about Asian arts  and crafts such as paper cutting, paper folding, and writing in another  language.

  • Asian Marketplace has something for everyone from the farthest reaches of  the globe.

  • Asian Culinary Court tempts the senses with offerings from across Asia all in  one location!

  • Explorer Passport Adventure© lets festival travelers ‘stamp’ their passport as  they explore and get prizes for being “well-traveled”, this program is loved by all ages.

  • Children’s Wonderland gives children the opportunity to learn and create new and interesting crafts.  This surely tests their skills and expands children’s imagination!

  • Asian American Veterans Exhibit highlights the contributions of Asian Americans to the United States Armed Forces.

The festival has offered traditional arts, costumes, music and dance, and a taste of each nation’s culinary specialties. The annual festival soon became a  destination event and has been hosted in various venues including Heritage Square, City of Phoenix and the Mesa Arts Center.

About the Arizona Asian Festival

The annual Asian Festival 2018 will be held on the grounds of the Scottsdale Civic Plaza Amphitheater on December 1st and 2nd

The many diverse cultures of the Arizona Asian American Association represented at the 2018 Festival will include:
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The Arizona Asian American Association shall enhance unity, bring awareness to the public of cultural diversity, and address relevant issues, thereby strengthening the relation between Asian Americans and the community at large.

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